Sleep and Sinus Health
Sleep and Sinus Health

Has a sinus headache or sinusitis been dragging you down?

Dr. Mark Agrama is dedicated to the optimization of your breathing and your relief of sleep and sinus problems. Why this combination? Quality breathing through the nose and throat is essential for healthy sleep and sinuses. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea and chronic sinusitis typically also have an underlying breathing problem. Sleep apnea and insomnia, especially difficulty maintaining sleep, often arise when there is a blockage or collapse in the nose and throat. Similarly, nose and sinus blockages tend to cause inflammation and lead to chronic sinusitis. Although sleep and sinus problems are each traditionally managed as separate diseases, they both share the common themes of obstruction and inflammation in the upper airway.

What is the upper airway?

The upper airway is the passageway for oxygen into the body and waste carbon dioxide out of the body. It consists of the nose, sinuses, throat, voice box, and windpipe. Anyone suffering from problems in any of these areas, therefore, has an upper airway problem. Additionally, we find it is common for patients to suffer from multiple problems in the upper airway.

What is the optimal way to treat the upper airway?

We explore the many links between symptoms of the upper airway. Problems such as headache, nasal blockage, dry mouth, cough, voice loss, and fatigue may have nasal and sinus blockages at their root. These blockages lead to inflammation in the nose and throat that can both cause and worsen disease throughout the body. While we can live with a less than ideal upper airway, why should we accept anything less than the best? After all, quality breathing leads to a better quality of life. Dr. Agrama knows that optimal upper airway health results in better sleep, better sinuses, and better breathing. He provides a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of upper airway problems which will result in your better overall health.