• Do you wish you could breathe better through your nose?
  • Are you a mouth breather during sleep or exercise?
  • Do you often use breathe strips?

The BreatheNakedsm procedure may be just right for you! Dr. Mark Agrama at South Florida ENT Associates has developed an innovation for surgery to repair Nasal Obstruction. This simple procedure works by strengthening the cartilage on the inside of the nostril, also called the Nasal Alar Valve or nasal vestibule. BreatheNakedsm creates a permanent “breathe strip” effect. Instead of floppy nostrils that collapse with each deep breath you take, your nostrils will remain open – allowing for clear, comfortable, more-exhilarating breathing. Imagine breathing clear through your nose during exercise and sleepless gasping and snoring!

Dr. Mark Agrama is the first surgeon to perform this type of repair of the nostrils with BreatheNakedsm. He is also the first surgeon in Florida to offer Nasal Alar Repair to patients while they are comfortable and awake in his office, instead of under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. He is excited to offer this innovative procedure to help you breathe clear with BreatheNakedsm!

What is the Nasal Alar Valve? In most cases, the Nasal Alar Valve is the narrowest part of the nasal passage. It is a three-sided passage between the upper and lower lateral cartilages of the nostril, the nasal septum, and the inferior turbinate. The purpose of the nasal valve is to regulate airflow in the nose by flaring in as deeper inhalation occurs. For many patients, though, too much collapse of the nostrils leads to reduced airflow and Nasal Obstruction. The restriction at the Nasal Alar Valve is also referred to as nasal vestibule stenosis. A simple test can demonstrate whether you have this problem and could benefit from BreatheNakedsm.

How is BreatheNakedsm performed? All of the surgery occurs inside the nostril with no cuts or scars on the outside of the nose or face. Dr. Agrama provides a local anesthetic into soft tissues of the inside of each nostril. He then creates a small incision from the top to the side of each nostril between the two cartilage plates of the Nasal Alar Valve. He opens a small pocket between the upper and lower cartilages, then sews them together with dissolvable stitches, cinching the nostrils open. Over the next 2 months, a scar forms between the two cartilages that reinforce their strength. The nostrils remain open and less floppy while retaining their natural shape with BreatheNakedsm.

How is BreatheNakedsm minimally invasive? Unlike the traditional surgical techniques for repair of the Nasal Alar Valve (or nasal vestibule stenosis), BreatheNakedsm avoids placement of permanent implants, plastic stents, or cartilage grafts. As a result, there is minimal change to the external appearance of the nose and, no packing or stents to block breathing!

Patients are instructed to avoid heavy physical activity for one week during recovery. During this time, your nose will get somewhat congested, but most patients will have minimal bleeding or pain. The success rate for BreatheNakedsm is 95% or better, with most patients expressing a high satisfaction with the results. Potential complications include bleeding, infection, scarring, cosmetic change, or the need for additional surgery.

Dr. Mark Agrama also offers BreatheNakedsm in conjunction with other procedures of the nose and sinuses, such as Balloon Sinuplasty, Inferior Turbinate Surgery, and Septoplasty. Many of his patients who struggle to breathe through the nose during exercise or while with snoring at night have had remarkable improvement of these problems as well.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Agrama at South Florida ENT Associates to find out if you are a candidate to breathe clear with BreatheNakedsm!