Three Signs You May Have a Sinus Infection

Three Signs You May Have a Sinus Infection

July 16, 2019
We’re all familiar with the symptoms of a cold or flu: runny nose, congestion, coughing or sneezing, maybe even a high temperature. If you feel under the weather, especially in the winter, you may automatically conclude that it’s cold. However, it could be something more serious, like a sinus infection. It’s helpful to know the signs of a sinus infection because the sooner you can identify it; the sooner you can get it treated. South Florida ENT Associates is available in Jupiter, FL to help restore your health.

Symptoms of sinus infection

The symptoms of a sinus infection can be similar to those of a common cold – sore throat, runny nose, cough. In addition to these symptoms, however, a sinus infection can also cause facial pain as the pressure in the sinuses builds up. In most cases, a sinus infection is caused by a virus. Medicines such as Tylenol or Motrin, nasal sprays, and saline sprays can help with discomfort.

Signs you might need to see a doctor

  • Ten days or more of a runny nose, stuffy nose, and sinus pressure
  • You had signs of a cold for a few days, seemed to get better, then got worse again.
  • High fever (over 102 degrees F), you have green or yellow snot and severe facial pain for three to four days.
If you have any of these symptoms, you may be diagnosed with bacterial sinusitis. An antibiotic will usually be prescribed to return you to health.

Types of sinusitis

There are two kinds of sinusitis: chronic and acute. Chronic sinusitis occurs when the sinuses have become swollen or inflamed, and it causes the inflammation to last for eight weeks or more, even after the condition has been treated. Acute sinusitis is temporary. It is caused by bacterial infections commonly associated with having a cold. If you experience frequent episodes of sinusitis (more than four times a year), you may have recurrent acute sinusitis. If you become affected with a sinus infection, the professionals at South Florida ENT Associates are available to help you in Jupiter, FL.