Causes of Sinus infections

Causes of Sinus infections

September 1, 2019
Sinus infections refer to the inflammation, swelling, and infection of the nasal cavities. Sinus infections can be caused by a virus, bacteria, fungi and various external reasons too. Sinus pain is usually amplified by other allergies and infections. In case you are struggling with the discomfort of a sinus infection, you can visit the South Florida ENT associates for treatment and relief. Sinus can either be chronic or acute. Acute sinus lasts hardly 4 weeks and is usually caused along with a cold or some other respiratory diseases. Chronic sinus infections, however, last longer and are recurring in nature. The professionals at South Florida ENT Associates can help diagnose whether or not you are suffering from a chronic sinus infection.

Symptoms of sinus infections:

There are various symptoms of sinus infections. Here are the main symptoms that indicate that you have a sinus infection: Pain: Sinus infections cause pain above your eyes. You can also experience pain on your forehead, on sides of your nose and even in your upper jaw, at times. If you are experiencing either of these aches, you should get checked for a sinus infection. Discharge: Sinus infection is usually accompanied by a nasal discharge. The discharge is usually greenish-yellow in color and comes from the infected sinuses. Sometimes the discharge also drains back to your throat. This could also lead to a sore throat and a hoarse voice. If you have been struggling with such a nasal discharge problem, it could mean you are suffering from a sinus infection. Congestion: Sinus infections are accompanied by nasal congestions too. Since there is swelling in your sinuses, your nasal congestion won’t allow you to smell or taste food normally. If you have nasal congestion along with sinus headaches, there is a huge chance that you might have a sinus infection. Cough and sore throat: Sinus infections cause coughs and throat irritation. Sinus infections usually lead to a cough a very long-lasting cough. This cough worsens when you’re lying down to sleep and makes sleeping difficult.


It is important to understand the causes of sinus infections so you can prevent it. The various reasons that might be behind your sinus infections are:
  • Blockage: Normally, there is a narrow space in each sinus, which is responsible for the drainage of the discharge or other substances. However, if somehow there is a blockage in that narrow opening, it will lead to a sinus problem.
  • Injury: Some injuries lead to a deviated septum. This deviation causes a blockage in the nasal cavities, which in turn could cause your sinus problem. Nose injuries usually cause a deviated septum.
  • Allergies: If you are sensitive to certain things and have allergies, it could also cause sinus infection in some cases. Allergies tend to increase your chances of getting a sinus infection. It is therefore important to keep certain allergies in control, to avoid sinus infections.
  • Virus: Usually sinus infections happen due to viruses. This virus causes an intense cough and cold, which in turn, leads to swelling, infection, and blockage. The virus is one of the most common causes of sinus infection.
  • Pollutants: Dust, air pollutants, and other such irritants can irritate your nasal passages. In several cases, such irritants cause inflammation and swelling and increase your chances of getting a sinus infection. Having an air purifier at home could reduce such risks.
  • Extra sinus: Almost 10% of people in the world have an extra sinus. This is responsible for either blocking or narrowing down space in your nasal passages. This also causes sinus infections.
  • Chronic medical issues:  Some chronic medical conditions end up weakening your immune system and easily lead to inflammation of the nasal passages. Since their immunity is weakened, the body cannot fight allergies and such people end up suffering from sinus infections.
It is very important to get your sinus infections treated, to get rid of the pain and discomfort. South Florida ENT Associates are the most reliable for you to get your sinuses infections treated. It is also important to understand these causes of sinus infections, so you can prevent sinus infections. South Florida ENT Associates provide the best sinus treatments in the area. They focus on quality service and have great professionals to take care of your health.