Palm Beach Sleep and Sinus Reviews

Cynthia Dudnick’s testimonial
Avid tennis player
West Palm Beach, FL

“My experience with Dr. Agrama’s office for hearing aids has been wonderful. I originally scheduled an appointment for a hearing test and then a hearing aid consultation. After initially meeting with the ENT, Dr. Agrama, their audiologist Dr. Marissa Land performed the hearing test and explained hearing aid options according to my hearing loss and lifestyle. I wanted hearing aids that would work with tennis and not be visible. Not an easy task! She was very thorough, professional, and easy to talk to. Since I have received my hearing aids, she continues to monitor any problems I have had and is extremely accommodating and accessible. I would highly recommend this office over any other hearing aid facility or company. It’s definitely one-stop shopping and, as a result, very cost effective.”

John McKevitt’s testimonial
Jupiter, FL

“I was devastated when I awakened one morning to discover I suffered a sudden and significant hearing loss in my sleep. After calling every doctor in the book, it was only South Florida ENT that made time to get me in for an examination that day. They diagnosed my hearing loss, set up a treatment plan to regain what hearing that was possible to regain; then, when I was ready, assisted me in choosing hearing aids that fit my lifestyle. I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude for their support and continuing care.”

Sheryl W’s testimonial
West Palm Beach, FL

“Dr Mark Agrama is an extraordinary physician! He has given me the highest quality medical care. I have found his evaluation and diagnosing thorough and exceptional. For over 30 years I have suffered with problems of a chronic dry cough, asthma, allergies and uncontrolled congestion. His scope of medical expertise far surpassed any other Doctor I have seen for these problems and more. He tried multiple conservative methods to help me. After numerous attempts that did not help me enough, he recommended balloon sinuplasty and some inner nasal corrective surgery for collapsed nasal passages and blockages.The entire procedure was performed in his office without need for general anesthesia and out patient surgical center.

I can not remember being able to breathe so well as I now can since this procedure! My other symptoms including my cough and congestion subsided beyond my expectations! I consider Dr Agrama’s treatment plan to be more than successful! Dr Agrama is personal, professional and definitely shows he truly cares about his patient’s well being. I find him to be a kind and gentle physician and a gentleman. I feel most grateful and appreciative to feel so much better due to Dr Agrama’s exceptional care!”

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